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Children's Oral Health Problems

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The main reason of oral health problems in children all over the world is their parents don’t seem to spend enough time on taking proper oral care of their children. Children don’t know how they should take care of their oral health and what will happen if they will not look after dental care. That is why many children facing the common dental problems like, tooth decay, yellow teeth, bad smelling mouth, tooth swelling and gum diseases like gingivitis.

The children who get such oral health problem also lack self-confidence and get various social phobias and other various psychological conditions. Hence oral health problems can hammer the child's overall future life. Thus oral health problems can be the reason for medical conditions and vice-versa.. Public Health Dentistry Programs

Oral health problems in children are a major cause of concern for many parents. Such parents try to do their best to maintain the oral health of their children. But still they themselves don’t know much about proper dental care.

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These problems can also develop impaired speech and make it difficult for children to focus on their studies. This will in term affect their studies and thus make them an average students. Those children with oral heath problems will also have fewer friends due to the fear of mixing in peers.

How you can point out oral health problems in children
The common symptoms that will point out oral health problems in children are:
  • Difficulty in chewing food,
  • Unwillingness to smile or laugh,
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Social phobia, and
  • Difficulty in learning, etc.
Kinds of oral health problems that can occur in children
The most common oral health problems in children are tooth decay. The kids in the age group of two to five are more prone to getting tooth decay. As kids of this age group eat many sweet dishes, the sugar from such foods gets converted into acids by the bacteria that lie in mouth. These bacteria then convert this sugar into acid, which affects the enamel of the teeth and thus causes tooth decays.

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