Sunday, 25 October 2015

Internship for School Health

Trinity Care Foundation calls for female interns who are genuinely interested to travel, learn and work in Government Schools in Bangalore,Karnataka.

The internship offers a rare opportunity to work hands-on in schools, learn from pubic health professionals and help those in need of medical attention. The work will focus on issues pertaining to school students and cover dental check-up, dental treatment and oral health education. The internship is for 1 month.


The internship is open to Dentists and Dental students of Indian origin. Ability to converse in the local language is a must. Above all, we welcome those with curiosity to explore and humility to learn.

Location: Bangalore,Karnataka
Languages: For those interested to work, ability to converse in Kannada is required.
Duration: Nov 18-Dec 18, 2015

Dental Health Education
Dental Treatments
Type of work

The team will cover a minimum of 15 government schools in outskirt's of Bangalore, and undertake the following activities:
  1. Pre-screening of students for dental caries, oral lesions, facial deformities, etc., 
  2. Facilitating dental intervention for those shortlisted through the pre-screening
  3. Impart awareness on oral health issues, ill effects of tobacco and tooth brushing techniques to students of government schools.
  4. Undertake training for teachers and health workers to carry forward the work.

Orientation for interns : Selected interns for Karnataka will have to attend a day orientation program in Bengaluru on Nov 11.

Last date for application: Bangalore, Karnataka : Nov 9, 2015

We will organize for the intern’s travel and food during the period of internship.Certificates will be provided to those who have successfully completed the internship.

If you know anyone who is interested please ask them to get in touch with us by writing to us with their resume :  <| 

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